All about the laminate floor

Having begun its history in the last quarter of the previous century, the laminate floor is gradually replacing other types of flooring out of the market. The special surge in demand for laminated flooring has occurred in recent years, it has turned out the laminate is more affordable than many other types of flooring of similar quality and durability. If you have decided to save money and make repairs yourself, there may be injuries, bruises or sprains. At, you will find everything you need to treat these conditions, and will soon be back to continue your repair.

This is due to the fact that manufacturers of laminate flooring have finally managed to convince a potential buyer in the environmental safety of the manufactured laminate that virtually eliminated the last barrier to the growing popularity of this unique flooring.  A positive role for the laminate was also played by economic crisis that forced the population to look for flooring of good quality but lower cost.

Almost perfect imitation of parquet and floor tiles (in addition to other conventional and unconventional textures) all colors and a huge number of tones along with remarkable wear resistance, high strength and passivity in relation to water and many corrosive environments, made laminate almost perfect type of floor covering with an extremely low cost.

A large number of manufacturers have readily begun production of this popular material, best cost and fun top-selling population. But today only a few of the brands with a worldwide reputation and long history deserve trust and respect. Among them: the international Tarkett company, or rather the Tarkett Eastern Europe company that represents it in Eastern Europe and produces an impressive range of Tarkett laminate, Board Tarkett parquet and vinyl covering (Linoleum); the Austrian Egger company for their high-quality of Egger laminate which is produced in a half dozen plants in Germany and Austria, the Belgian Quick Step and Balterio company manufacturing Quick Step laminate flooring in a traditional and quite unusual size, and high strength Balterio laminate flooring; Classen laminate flooring and Aberhof laminate which flooring is made with typical German quality and thoroughness.

Every manufacturer is in a tough competition with constantly updated range of products. The entire laminate is developed by the companies themselves; castles of easy connection between panels give a good amount of the limit of tensile strength of the laminate.  And the layer of protective coating, the characteristics and quality of which allow the manufacturers to guarantee the durability of the laminate for a period of 15-25 years.

The service life of the laminate

Modern laminate flooring is known for its excellent qualities. It is beautiful and convenient in everyday life, environmentally friendly, as it almost consists of 80% wood. The laminate retains heat well, has high durability, water resistance, fastness, good anti-static and many other positive qualities. But class of the laminate and the country of origin determine how long these attributes will serve. To evaluate the wear resistance, one of the important parameters of longevity of the laminate, in 1999, there was developed and approved by the European Association of manufacturers of laminate flooring (EPLF) regulatory specifications, taking into account the load level during the usage. Thus, there are 3 classes (21, 22, 23) of the laminate for home use and 3 classes (31, 32, 33) for commercial use. Each class has specific recommendations for use. For example there was specially-designed laminate for use in bedrooms, living rooms and hallways. Special water-resistant laminate can be used even in the bathrooms. Commercial laminate flooring is also designed for both intensive and passive loads. The compliance of the conditions to the class of the laminate greatly prolongs its service life. Also, the service life is affected by proper installation of laminate flooring on a good quality flat surface.

Usually, the manufacturer of the laminate gives the triple guarantee: wear resistant (top) layer will not RUB off earlier than it is marked according to the class of service; exposure to sunlight will not change the color of the coating (not burn) and chemical and thermal effect (within reason) laminate will not lose its strength .The service life of the laminate also depends on the country-manufacturer. For example, the 31 class laminate of French or Polish origin are guaranteed for a period of 5 years, and the same class laminate of Norwegian or Swedish production will serve more than 10 years.